WELCOME – Our referral company was founded in 2014 as a means to provide services to inactive real estate agents throughout the state of Indiana, who wish to keep their licenses active in a referral status and still legally earn commissions. Our service allows licensees the ability to remain in the real estate industry while pursuing other careers or even semi retirement.

We are not a traditional real estate brokerage firm and all leads are referred outside of our referral company to an active and licensed real estate professional.

HOW IT WORKS – After you have signed our agency agreement and your license has been transferred to our referral company you are able to begin submitting referrals to our company. At the time of referral it is important to provide detailed information on your client so that your referral can be properly assigned to a qualified agent. Remember it takes less then 10-minutes to submit a referral that could earn you thousands of dollars in referral commissions.

Our company is managed by a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Indiana and we are able to accept referral fees in all 50-states. Although we only hold licenses for Indiana real estate agents we are capable of handling your referrals throughout the United States. Should you know of a friend or relative in another state that is looking to buy or sell real estate, you are able to legally earn a referral fee while using our company.

REFERRAL FEE – We offer a generous 25% referral fee for each side of the transaction you refer. Example, you refer a client who is looking to purchase a home and the commission earned by the buyers agent is $3,000.00 this means your referral fee would be $750.00. All earned referral fees are paid within 2-business days from receipt. *Your license must be kept in good standing with the State of Indiana to legally earn a commission. In the rare event a commission is earned and your license either becomes expired or revoked then all earned commissions will be forfeited.

OUR COMMISSION – We negotiate a 35% referral fee on each lead that we refer out and upon a successful closing you will earn 25% and our company will earn the remaining 10% referral fee for managing your lead.

100% FREE MEMBERSHIP – We do-not charge an administrative fee, transfer fee or holding fee. Our membership is 100% FREE, whereas many other referral companies charge either an enrollment fee, annual fee, administrative fee or a combination of fees.

QUOTAS – It’s simple, there is no minimum or maximum number of clients you can refer.

ACCEPTED REFERRAL TYPES – You are welcome to submit any type of referral client. It is our job to assign your referral lead to the most qualified and licensed real estate agent within our network.

LICENSE STATUS – Your real estate license will remain in “referral status” while assigned to our company and you will be exempt from maintaining required continuing education credits while your license is in the referral status. While your license is in referral status you are not permitted to personally represent a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction. Should you decide to transfer your license back to “Active” status, you will need to take the required classes to meet the current education requirements set forth by the State of Indiana. Many agents choose to keep current their continuing education credits so that they have the option to transfer to active status at any time.

ACTIVE STATUS – Should you decide to reactivate your real estate license, simply transfer your license to your designated company of choice. You are free to transfer your license at any time.